Aiming to prepare students to achieve future success, SABIS® Network schools pride themselves on having a long list of satisfied parents, students, and staff.

“Hello, I'm Viviane. My daughters came to SABIS® from a school with a Brazilian curriculum. Isabela (Grade 5) speaks English more easily, whereas Manu (Grade 3) had some difficulties at first, but with the experience of SABIS® teachers, both my daughters are already speaking and communicating better, and English is now part of their day-to-day lives. The English preparatory course is very important and we feel that they are now more confident to start at SABIS® in August.”

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Viviane, SABIS® Campinas Parent

“My name is Daniela and I am a mother of two children. Since we moved to the countryside, I wanted a school that is more modern, with an advanced, large, and green campus, so that my children could enjoy a lot of extracurricular activities. SABIS® Campinas is a modern and global school with an international curriculum, which I think is very important today for all children. So I would say this is the main reason why we came to SABIS®.”

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Daniela, SABIS® Campinas Parent

“Hello, my name is Marcel, the father of Murilo (13) and Alice (8). I believe the English preparatory course gives my children the opportunity to develop and practice their English skills. In today’s connected world, mastering only one language or even taking only a basic course in another language is not enough. I am grateful for the opportunity and coincidence to be living near a SABIS® school, and I believe that through the English preparatory course, my children will be really immersed in the English language and well-prepared to follow the curriculum in English. This is proof for us that the school will really prepare them for anything they want to do in the world!”

Watch here: http://sabiscampinas.sabis.net/en/testimonialsvideos/the-importance-of-an-international-bilingual-schools

Marcel, SABIS® Campinas Parent

“My name is Ligia Zalaquett and I have three children. We chose SABIS® because we were looking for an international education. When I wanted to get to know the school, I asked them to show me the SABIS® educational material, and I was very positively surprised when I got to see the English literature, math, and science books. I thought the English literature book was very good because, in addition to literature, it included interactive content and dictionaries, so I felt that the language teaching method was very in-depth, and I was very surprised and satisfied.”

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Ligia, SABIS® Campinas Parent

“The English preparatory course has improved my daughters' English proficiency, and they are evolving quickly, sequentially, and naturally, which I think is very important. And even in the middle of the pandemic, the children continued learning online in an effective and dynamic way. I am very satisfied with that.”

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SABIS® Campinas Parent

“Hello, my name is Ester, and I am Rafael Belem's mother. Rafael is 7 years old, and this year he will study here at SABIS® Campinas. SABIS® has shown us, as parents, that it is a very solid school because it is backed by 136 years of success. This shows that it is a school that is active and adaptable to change. I realized that the school is not only focused on teaching, but also on what we call today ‘soft skills,’ which are extremely important. This was very essential to me when we decided to enroll our son in SABIS®.”

Watch here: https://sabiscampinas.sabis.net/en/testimonialsvideos/learning-soft-skills

Ester, SABIS® Campinas Parent

"I am very passionate about sports. I’ve always liked it and I’ve always practiced, so that caught my attention in the SABIS® Educational System here in Brazil. I intend to enroll my children in the sports activities offered at the school, such as swimming and soccer, and I heard they will have women's soccer and tennis teams. I find this super cool because sports in my opinion contribute a lot to the development of a child and a young person's personality. I found very interesting and diverse sports activities offered at SABIS®."

Watch here: http://sabiscampinas.sabis.net/en/testimonialsvideos/sports-at-school

SABIS® Campinas Parent

“I chose SABIS® because I believe that it has the capacity to educate our children on a variety of values, while spreading intercultural awareness and well preparing them for integration in the educational system and in international universities later on. I believe that, at SABIS®, my daughters will be well prepared for the future, not only here in Brazil but also in any part of the world. I'm just very confident about this.”

Watch here: http://sabiscampinas.sabis.net/en/testimonialsvideos/preparing-students-for-the-future

SABIS® Campinas Parent

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