Admissions Process

School Tour

Families are encouraged to visit the school for a tour of the campus and talk with our Admissions staff. Appointments can be made by contacting the school administration or by clicking here

There is no application deadline, but it is recommended that the admission process be initiated early on. Applications are accepted but place offers are granted based on spaces available throughout the school year. Please note that there is no “joining fee” on the first occasion of going through the admission process.

Application and Required Documents

Interested parents would need to fill in the application and other forms, which they can obtain in person from the school office or via E-mail as a downloadable PDF.

Along with the student application form, the parents would need to submit to the school the required documents listed below.

Required documents:

  • SABIS® Application Form (school)
  • SABIS® Consent Form for Data Processing (school document)
  • SABIS® Medical Form (school document)
  • SABIS® Parent Contract (school document)
  • Copy of the Student’s Vaccination Card
  • Transfer Statement from Former School
  • Debt Discharge Statement from Former School
  • Copy of School Transcript
  • Copy of the Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the Student’s ID
  • 2 Passport/Digital Photographs of the Student
  • Copy of the Parent/Guardian’s ID (RG)
  • Copy of the Parent/Guardian’s CPF

Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are made after careful evaluation of the candidates. Results of diagnostic testing and previous school records are considered on a case-by-case basis. Additional criteria for admission include motivation, social and emotional development, willingness to work hard, and the ability of SABIS® Campinas to accommodate the needs of the candidate.

Please note that, in order to complete the registration, the above-mentioned documents should be presented upon initiation of the admission process in support of the application. A final admission decision cannot be made without this information.

Once accepted and the required fees paid, a place for the student is reserved.

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