Our School

Mission & Values

Our Mission

At SABIS® Campinas, we strive to develop a safe and nurturing environment to support students on their journey to identify and achieve their full potential. Designed around three core pillars—academic excellence, life skills, and personal wellbeing, our approach to education aims to provide students with a holistic school experience, combining our proud tradition of academic excellence with outstanding programs to develop character, skill, and grit.

This is our mission:

SABIS® Campinas will be recognized as a provider of top-quality education to a highly diverse student  body. SABIS® Campinas will strive to help all students achieve their full potential, prepare them for success in college, equip them with the ability and desire for lifelong learning, and strengthen their civic, ethical, and moral values. SABIS® Campinas will maintain high standards of efficiency and accountability throughout their operation.

Our Values

SABIS® education is grounded in a set of shared values that encourages students:

  • To do their best and persevere with enthusiasm and commitment to attain their full potential
  • To learn to be independent and take ownership for their decisions and actions
  • To be inquisitive, forward thinking, and agile learners ready for a changing world
  • To cultivate an awareness of self and others that is rooted in respect, empathy, and inclusivity
  • To practice honesty and integrity in all areas of life
  • To be socially responsible citizens and active members of their community

As a community of learners at SABIS® Campinas, we DREAM!


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